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Cyber Security Specialist

Awareness, Behaviour & Culture
Bruce Hallas

Founder - Speaker - Author

Bruce Hallas is an advocate, consultant, trainer and speaker in the field of information security awareness, behaviour and culture, governance, risk and compliance.

Awareness, Behaviour & Culture

I’ll help you to cultivate, design or leverage a security-aware culture by raising awareness and influencing behaviours.

Workshops & Webinars

Bruce regularly runs live workshops and webinars for security professionals to learn more how to apply behavioural insights to your security strategies.

Bruce's Podcast

On Bruce’s Re-Thinking The Human Factor podcast, listen to guests from a wide range of backgrounds bring outside thinking to current infosec challenges.

Coaching & Mentoring

Bruce works one-to-one with security professionals to help them to improve their game and deliver better results.
“Managing a technical team of people with diverse, yet complementary skills and experience takes a particular talent that can’t be taught. Bruce has that talent. He was able, with a ‘light touch’, to inspire and motivate.

Bruce’s ability to understand the concerns of client business managers and to manage solutions which cost-effectively addressed them was, in my experience, unique.”

CISO, Global Systems Integrator

Architect of Secure Environments
I work through your security team and across your business to help you deliver meaningful and measurable change, reducing your organisational risk.
Take your security career to the next level

Education & Training

Learn how to apply the latest behavioural insights to your security strategies and how to make them stick.

Coaching & Mentoring

Receive one-to-one guidance to raise your game and achieve career-defining results.

books out in 2018

books studied for the SABC framework

Helping You Inspire The Right Choices In Others
“Bruce is a problem solver and is likely to throw new light on current IT security management problems. His enthusiasm for security creates a level of interest and enthusiasm for security which inspires others.”
Mark Harrison

Information Security Manager, Southern Water

Available For Hire

Want to challenge your thinking? Need to inspire your audiences? Are you looking for guidance & direction?

Work with Bruce to make it happen today.



As the founder of The Analogies Project, Bruce is often invited to speak internationally on information security awareness, behaviour and culture.
Mentor & Coach

Mentor & Coach

C-level security professionals and their teams frequently benefit from Bruce’s insights, guidance and direction in developing their security strategies.


Bruce has been consulting in the information security industry for over 20 years and leads his team of consultants at Marmalade Box.

A podcast about security, awareness, behaviour & culture

Guests include best-selling author Dan Ariely, Gert Jan Hofstede, John Pollack, Gregory Michaelidis and more…